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The use of copper products, in relation to the increasing application of rainwater harvesting will allow copper’s natural properties to help purify the collecting rainwater and reduce the amount of additives required in the final purifying process.

Copper when exposed to moisture protects itself by developing a patina over time, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion and therefore it’s durability is greater compared to other products. The natural development of a patina, with colours changing from gold to chocolate brown, and eventually to the distinctive light green as seen on older roofs, adds to the aesthetic appeal, especially when used on natural slate and does not produce unsightly staining Copper offers low maintenance not requiring any decoration or cleaning and is especially suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion. Copper is antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, moulds, algae and fungi. Over the ages, various methods have been used to incorporate copper into roof construction to take advantage of this quality. These include copper wire underneath the slate, copper strips protruding from the lip of the slates or ridge and spraying of the roof with copper sulphur. The effectiveness of these various methods are limited by factors that include the surrounding vegetation, position and size of roof, the amount of copper sulphur in the air and the amount of copper that is exposed to the rain.

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